Advance Application

For a contract to supply oil products to:

submit a preliminary application to the JSC "Chernigov Refinery" (Details) for the supply of petroleum products with the number and names of the product;

after agreeing price and quantity with the commercial department of JSC "Chernigov Refinery" buyer sends the complete application with the shipping details, customer registration card, as well as the following documents:

  1. Letter to sign the agreement on company letterhead signed by the head of the organization.
  2. A copy of the certificate of tax registration (TIN / KPP).
  3. A copy of the certificate of registration in the Legal Entities (BIN).
  4. A copy of the newsletter in EGRPO (established by the national classification of identification, such as OKPO, NACE).
  5. A copy of the statute.
  6. A copy of the memorandum of association (if any).
  7. A copy of the position (for branches).
  8. Card (Map) of the client.
  9. Power of attorney for signing the contract (if the person signing the contract does not act on the basis of the Charter of the enterprise).
  10. Contact person.
  11. CJSC "Chernigov refinery" reserves the right to request additional documents if necessary.

Certificates of conformity

Download Download  (145.56 KB) Fuel for process equipment

Download Download  (128.22 KB) Gasoline stable gas

Download Download  (153.62 KB) 100 Fuel oil, II type, low-ash, with a pour point of 25 ° C

Download all of these certificates in one file.

 Download Download  (426.66 KB)  




 Download  (857.36 KB). License for "the collection, use, processing, transportation and disposal of hazardous waste."


 Download  (546.41 KB). License for "Operation of hazardous production facilities."


 Download  (370.18 KB). License for the loading and unloading operations relating to dangerous goods by rail.




To shareholders Download  (657.21 KB). Charter "Company" Chernigov refinery "

download Download  (610.50 KB). Rules of the register of holders of securities

sv1.jpg Download  (80.84 KB). Evidence of this production at the tax office.

sv2.jpg Download  (243.47 KB). Certificate of state. registration of a legal entity.


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