The traditional event "on Saturday for All!"


Within Vsekuzbasskih spring Subbotniks on the premises of JSC "Chernigov refinery" took action "on Saturday for All!". Employees of the plant are cleaned of snow and ice in their jurisdictions and adjacent areas, walkways sprinkled icing materials. The work was done in the area adjacent to the office building (Kemerovo, Kirov Str. 4a), an office building and Plant (Kemerovo region, village New Balahonka, st. Oilers, 1).


Members of the "snow" work day become professionals working professionals and office staff. They answered the call - "everything in the cleanup!" And took an active part in snow removal activities. The main task of the action - as free enterprise territory of accumulated snow, so focused on not tedding and export drifts.


"Statistics work day is as follows: the event was attended by over 50 people, has been involved for snow removal equipment - wheel and a pair of KAMAZ - said ActingTechnical Director of "Chernihiv refinery" VV Wings - It should be noted that, despite the small scale of the resources involved, the work done is global - eliminated ice on the roads cleared of snow Commodity parks, areas adjacent to the processing equipment, narrow driveways, approaches to road and rail \ d overpasses . The territory of the enterprise, which is more than four hectares, has been cleared by 75%. Works for snow removal continues. "


In addition to the physical work cleaning day, all participants received a lot of positive emotions: the work of the great outdoors in the warm company of colleagues.After cleaning all the snow waiting for hot tea and cakes.


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